Kenny's news letter #1 April

#2 May Newsletter: Some words from the beautiful isolation station! 

Dear friends of Kenny Gilmore, 

While self-isolating in a small village on the coast in Brazil, the quite charm and sea breezes have helped me form a clear idea of what to do during the month of May. It's time to record and album! I think we all have our roles to play in the global crisis we are each facing. For us artists, I think it’s our role to create some. new art for you! My friend told me yesterday during our weekly phone-call how he had already exhausted all the films on Netflix, and was now looking desperately for new movies. People are self-isolating all over the world, and they need entertainment! Since many of us have no social distractions, let's face it - no social life to speak of, this is an unprecedented opportunity - to be productive.

Inspired by many of my artist friends, I am also stepping up to the plate. The idea is to record a solo-album, “Kenny Alone”, working with TAS records, who I have signed to for the purposes of my work in Brazil. I am going to have to play all the instruments myself, to capture that authentic 'songwriter in quarantine' experience.  In the meantime, you can help me choose which songs should go on the album, by sending me feedback about new songs I post. So far I have selected 'Waiting for the light', 'I can still remember', and 'All the wrong places'. 


Another exciting piece of news for my friends in Brazil, is that I have met with a wonderful translator, who has created a version of ‘The Harmonica Diaries’ in Portuguese. My ambition is to try and get this new version published in Brazil. I have included a sample on my page for writing; here Read sample of Diário de um Gaitistafor those Portuguese speakers. If you wish to pre-order your copy of ‘The Harmonica Diaries in Portuguese’, let me know! 


The Sufi Poet Rumi wrote “Let the beauty we love be what we do.” I do love composing and performing songs. I look forward to sharing the new songs from "Kenny Alone" with you!


Stay safe everyone, and more news soon! 


The Art must go forward  

I had a moment of clarity last night. During these dark days of tragedy, international chaos and economic meltdown, each of us has our own part to play. The politicians have their part, the scientists have theirs. The medical staff and essential workers are centre-stage. As an educator, I know what it means to struggle to keep young minds active, calm and engaged over a virtual platform while all this is happening. Yet as an artist, and through conver

sations with my artist friends, I realise we have a role to. To create, and to keep creating. To not allow this pandemic to paralyse us, to plunge is into torpor or despair. Instead, let us create. Let us express not only our own feelings, but the experience of others. Let us try to create work that will help to lift the hearts and minds of our fellow humans. I am inspired by many others who are actively creating new art in self-isolation, and so I setting myself some ambitious challenges. 

The first is to compose enough songs in self-isolation to create a solo album, "Kenny alone" or "the Quarantine sessions", as the title is usually the last thing to be decided. It was when my first quarantine inspired song, 'Waiting for the light', received upwards of 17,000 Facebook views and 1,000 on YouTube, being just a humble phone recording with mistakes; I realised that songs composed during this time could have a special relevance and poignancy. I have since shared two more on Facebook, and I am going to keep composing more. TAS records, have expressed their interest in producing the album. I will be meeting with them virtually this week. The question will be how we can maintain strict social isolation while granting me access to their studio in Ipanema. Want to pre-order your copy? Message me or add a comment to this post.

The second goal is to create an audio book for the `Harmonica Diaries'. There is something special about listening to an audio book being read live. I was very inspired and moved by the live reading of Trevor Noah's 'Born a crime' that I decided to do it myself. So those might like to listen in, this project is very much underway and I have already recorded 5 of the eight parts to my first novel. 

Another goal is to create something special using the new project "The Cool River" which would have debuted in the summer of 2020 with live performances at festivals in the UK and in Portugal. Since these are now all cancelled, I have decided to create a special video song with them, and share it online. The concept of my new project "The Cool River" is to combine music of Rift Valley Africa and with Latin music and Blues. I have written a song called "We are together (alone)" and I will working with the band internationally to combine our talents to create a truly beautiful message to share with the world. Here is an exclusive preview, I have added a sound file to the demo file I made to share with the others. The photo shows the three primary members of the project together, self with Luis Ribeiro (Porto), and Fiston Lusambo (London / DRC).